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October 1, 2007

Bird feeding can be as simple as scattering seed on the ground or as involved as providing an entire backyard of feeders or habitat. When setting out feeders, it’s all about location, location, location. Keep in mind that not only do you want to provide feeding stations for the birds, but you’ll also want to enjoy viewing birds as they feed. It’s also good to think about birds’ safety. Setting a feeder near a bush or tree where birds can go for protective cover is important. If cats are lurking about, it’s best to keep feeders out of their reach.

There are five basic types of birdfeeders—feeders for birdseed, nectar, peanuts, fruit and suet. You may want to find out what birds frequent your area, but a great place to start is by hanging out a tube feeder with black oil sunflower seed in it. Black oil sunflower seed is an excellent seed for birds and appeals to a wide variety. This type of feeder and seed can be used year-round.

Spring through Fall is the time to hang out a hummingbird or oriole feeder. These feeders are primarily for nectar, but orioles also love oranges and many oriole feeders include places to add an orange. In fact, our Orioles ignore any nectar and go straight to the grape jelly. See our post about Oriole feeding here. During the winter months many birds will come to suet feeders and there are specially made baskets that will hold blocks of suet.

Tray feeders are used for fruit, seed or peanuts.

Try any or all of the above and you are sure to be rewarded with the company of birds.

This post is the first in a series of “Tips” for which we have added a category on the right side of his page.  We’ll keep them all there as a reference.

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