There are three of us who contribute to this blog, a female homo sapiens sapiens, a male homo sapiens sapiens and a Quiscalus mexicanus , also known as a Great-tailed Grackle. You can always tell when the Grackle is at work because it can’t figure out how to capitalize very much. Its grammar is questionable as well. The female human began birding at about the age of 5 on a farm where she grew up. She introduced the male human to birding a few decades later. The Grackle has been at it since birth. The male and female also live with Border Collie dogs which are quite capable of typing and sometimes may, when no one is watching, log on and try to get themselves published. Their grammar is better than the Grackle’s but not as good as the humans.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Peregrine Craig Nash Says:


    Thanks for the link to my site. Very kind of you.

    Happy Birding


  2. Hana Young Says:

    I am writing to tell you about a news feed that I believe will be of considerable use to you as a blogger on bird- and conservation-related issues. The Bird News Network, produced by American Bird Conservancy, provides the latest news and information about birds and bird conservation in the form of articles, press releases, and videocasts. It is broadcast as an “RSS” feed that you can subscribe to at http://www.abcbirds.org/newsandreports/bnn.xml.

    As a blogger, you also have the opportunity to syndicate this feed to add fresh, frequently changing, bird-related content directly to your site. All you need to do is add some simple code to display the feed on any page. Each time ABC sends out a news item, the headline will automatically appear. You don’t need to do anything! You can even customize how the feed appears, so it fits with your site’s style. Visitors to your site just click on the headline to read the full article or view the video that is housed on ABC’s site. There is no charge for BNN syndication.

    To see how the feed looks, please visit ABC’s homepage: http://www.abcbirds.org. If you would like to add the BNN feed to your site, please email gshire@abcbirds.org and we’ll send you the code to copy and paste onto your page along with simple instructions.

    Additionally, we encourage you to link to American Bird Conservancy (www.abcbirds.org) from your Website. With over 1,300 pages of information on every issue affecting birds in the Americas, it is bound to be a useful resource for your readers.

    We hope you will consider syndicating BNN and look forward to hearing from you.


    Hana Young
    American Bird Conservancy
    1731 Connecticut Ave., NW
    3rd Floor
    Washington, DC 20009
    202-234-7181 ext. 203

  3. Melisa Says:

    In so short a time I found your blog to be so charmingly informative.

    To the male and female homo sapiens sapiens and the Quiscalus mexicanus, please keep blogging and loving our beautiful winged friends. ^^

  4. Martina Says:

    What a beautiful and useful site! Wow! I saw your video on making hummingbird food. A lot of us are trying to get away (it sure is difficult) from plastics and plastic derived products as plastics emit tiny chemicals (off-gassing) that leech estrogen-type and carcinogenic (cancer causing) into the food, water and environment. Store in big glass canning jar which can double for yummy pickles, juices, smoothie storage, etcetera.

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