Schrodt Hummingbird feeder, Part II.

Back in July, when summer was at its height and we were full of hope, we wrote about our favorite Hummingbird feeder, the Schrodt faceted crystal feederNow, Autumn is upon us, the long winter skulks over the horizon and hope wanes.  Backyard Brands, which supposedly is a real business but whose parking lot is empty is still AWOL when it comes to these feeders.  Recently we spoke to an actual human being who claimed to work at Backyard Brands about the Schrodt feeders and were treated to an observation that they “have a patent on that feeder.”  We don’t know whether that is true or not but we have a bridge we are interested in selling them.  It is on sale, this week only.  We’ll make them a good price, especially if they will actually deliver some feeders and spare parts to us.

But we are not holding our breath and neither should you.  If you have a Schrodt faceted hummingbird feeder, treat it carefully.  You may have one of the last of a fine species.


2 Responses to “Schrodt Hummingbird feeder, Part II.”

  1. Deb McClain Says:

    I too share your frustration at not being able to purchase more of these great feeders. Obviously I’ve not gone as far as you have in trying to purchase more of them, but I have hounded my local birding store to the point that they just shake their heads when I walk in. If you have a site, I would love to send you a few photos of my happy customers in my back yard dining on their feeders of choice. Please keep me in mind should you ever locate a source for these feeders. I will take any color!!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I found the Schrodt Hummingbird feeder on eBay and it arrived in the mail today. I’m not sure if you are still looking for them but thought I would let you know.

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