Hummingbird Watch

We’re on Hummingbird watch here today. A friend who lives not far from us had his first one yesterday.

Have you any idea how much time can be wasted, how much work procrastinated, while staring at a Hummingbird feeder?

A lot.



4 Responses to “Hummingbird Watch”

  1. Linda Weigand Says:

    Here in southern Arizona, we don’t have to wait long for hummers to visit. There are a couple year-rounders, and by March 1, the “sunbirds” (as opposed to the snowbirds who flock here in the winter) began arriving. And two weeks ago, Bullocks and Hooded Orioles got here, and last week, the Scotts Orioles got here….they are sure bossy birds! Roberta, the oriole feeder I got from you is getting a lot of visitors….all the orioles, verdins, gila woodpeckers, hummers and yesterday, for the first time this year, one of those hysterical curved-bill thrashers tried to hang on for a drink. Thanks and I have passed your website on to a couple of people who want oriole feeders as well.

  2. Sue Ellen R. Says:

    I had my first sighting today in Corrales; either one bird three different times or three birds.

  3. trn Says:

    Hee hee, I can admit to knowing that feeling. I can also attest that an equally perverse amount of time can be spent watching hummingbird nest cameras that stream on the internet when the real thing is not available!

  4. southfielddrive Says:

    Your post was on the 12th. It is now the 28th. Have you seen one at your feeder yet?? Up here in southwestern Ontario, Canada, they are just starting to appear.

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