Each year, about this time, an oriole flies over our house, minding its own business, on its way somewhere when suddenly, out of the corner of its eye, it sees a bird feeder below, stuffed with grape jelly.

As we’ve told you before, orioles get whiplash when they see grape jelly. It reminds me of the very first Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip. Calvin tells his dad, “So long, Pop. I’m off to check my tiger trap.” Calvin is sure he’ll have trapped a tiger because he rigged the trap with a tuna fish sandwich and tells his dad, “Tigers will do anything for a tuna fish sandwich.” The last frame shows Hobbes the tiger upside down; dangling from the trap; eating the tuna fish sandwich and saying, “We’re kind of stupid that way.”

Orioles are the same way about grape jelly.


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One Response to “Orioles”

  1. uanil Says:

    hehe great i love birds birds is life.

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