Happy New Year from the Fat Finch

Happy New Year to our readers wherever you may be. As we complained about last time, the pundits are down on the last year and, in fact, the last decade.  Last time we published a snippet of poetry as an antidote.

For today, we had a couple of posts to choose from, one quasi-scientific about memory in plants and birds and another — entirely scientific — about duck copulation.

But, they can wait.

Better to start a new year with a chuckle and this video supplies it. WARNING: It has a silly soundtrack and a voice-over that is entirely in Japanese, so, unless you speak Japanese, we recommend muting it.  You’ll miss nothing. And, you have to wait for the bird, which appears about a minute and a half into the video.

Wasn’t that a good way to start a new year?


One Response to “Happy New Year from the Fat Finch”

  1. Bosque Bill Says:

    Guess we learned how to write WTF in kanji. Ha, ha.

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