A Spot of Red

Cold here. Not cold like those of you living in northern Minnesota experience – you would probably think of this as shirt-sleeve weather – but cold for us desert denizens. Maybe not objectively cold, but certainly psychologically cold. Lately,the Gulf of Alaska has been manufacturing low pressure areas and sending them down to the California coast where they collect large, grey, thick, mid-level cloud decks which the jet stream blows straight to us. And, when you’re used to the sun and all you get is Dickensian, dismal cloud decks, you get cranky and cold.

It’s winter; the sky is grey, the earth brown, and so it’s nice to get a spot of color from time to time, which is why we were glad for this breakfast visitor.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

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One Response to “A Spot of Red”

  1. Bosque Bill Says:

    Very cool. Glad you were able to get a photo, too.

    I’ve had one make only 1 or 2 appearances each fall the last few years, so it is always an event.

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