A Weighty Question

fatfinch sign

As you know, this blog is the son of the Fat Finch stores, the one on-line and the bricks and mortar one.  The bricks and mortar store — actually there are neither bricks nor mortar —  sits in a small and new shopping area.  Until recently, a small restaurant was also in the little center but it has closed.  (A new restaurant is on the way though.)  To properly understand this post, you should know also that, until the new restaurant opens, we are the only business in the shopping area.

A large cardboard recycling bin sits at the side where we dutifully recycle all the cardboard boxes that bring us our merchandise.  We were out there last week when a man in a car drove up, looking for boxes.  The conversation went like this.

Man – “Do you work at the restaurant?”
Us    – “No, the restaurant has gone out of business.”
Man – “Oh.  So do you work at the weight store?”

On reflection, we must admit the word “fat” does appear in our name.


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