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The distaff side of The Fat Finch is now twittering for you and we have added the link over on the right side of the blog.  You only get 140 characters per entry when twittering and the male member of this operation is unable to clear his throat in fewer than 140 characters, so you won’t find him there.  He is, however, able to do Haiku, which seems the perfect format for Twitter.  Absolutely free of charge, and barely worth the cost, here is such a Haiku.

Twittering now, we
Tweet for you at the Fat Finch.
Twitters for the birds.



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One Response to “Twittering”

  1. Karen of morningjoy Says:

    Clever Haiku.
    I can’t bring myself to Twitter. Facebook is the greatest challenge I’ll accept in the social networking world. Perhaps it’s because I am too wordy or because I have more to say than to tell people what I’m currently doing. Yet, whatever communication we use, connecting with people is vital. So, have at it and enjoy!

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