The Brown Cloud

Because it is now official, at least according to the government of the United States, that global climate change is real and that we humans are making a significant contribution to the problem, this blog will, from time to time, bring it up.  After all, it is affecting the lives of birds all over the planet as well as the lives of all other sentient beings on the planet.

We’ll try, however, not to get all preachy about it.

But here is a photo of a brown cloud covering much of Asia.


The photo accompanied this story last week in the New York Times.  Those of us living in the industrialized world tend to forget that, for millions of people, wood in stoves and fireplaces still constitutes most of their heat, that for millions more electricity comes only from coal-fired power plants and that brown clouds are measurably decreasing the amount of sunlight reaching Asia.

This is the 200th post on this blog.  Lots of bloggers would get all narcissistic about that, prating on about the effort, the daily grind, the etc., etc., etc., it takes to keep a blog going.  Not this blog.  No sir.  Why we won’t even mention it.  It’s just an arbitrary number. Not that we’re not impressed with ourselves. But we’ll just skip over it in a display of modesty exceeded only by our great humility and majestic writing.

Seriously, thanks for staying with us.


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