Name That Roadrunner

Baby Roadrunner

Meet _____________________, our new baby roadrunner. That blank space is there because instead of playing Adam and naming him ourselves, we decided to give you a chance. We’re having our first contest on the Fat Finch!

Name that Roadrunner. Here are the rules of the contest. Send in your entry, either by commenting on this post or by email to The winner will get a $50.00 gift certificate to our web store. The decision of the judges will be subjective and final. Like Adam, we’ll pick the name we like best and that will be that. (Editor’s Note: Void where prohibited by law or if it violates WordPress’s rules. Odds of winning: Unknown, but pretty good. Contest ends June 15th.)

By the way, we have no idea whether it’s a boy or girl so names for either gender are acceptable.
Baby roadrunner photo

Of course, he is a wild roadrunner so he’s really not ours but we’re just as proud of him as if he were. He arrived for the first time in our front yard yesterday. Even without tail feathers, he was able to hop up on the fence but mostly he ran around on the ground exploring. Chuck tried to give him a bite of hamburger but he was too busy.

One Response to “Name That Roadrunner”

  1. laurie Says:

    name him Cooter. he just looks like a Cooter. Where I am from these birds are beautiful to watch . i am a nurse and I was acting nurse at Boy scout camp called Camp Don Harrington. One nite at dusk I counted 25 birds as they made their way .I had one i watched every evening at dusk he would sit on this big rock overlooking te camp as thought we were his charges.

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