Counting Hummingbirds

Since hummingbirds are returning to their summer ranges in North America we thought it a good thing to remind you how to count how many you may have at your feeders. We’ve done two posts on that the subject but if you are pressed for time, the second one summarizes all the methods we’ve discovered so that is the one to read first. Here is the link for the first post.

We also just did our first YouTube experiment which explains how to make syrup for them. More videos will follow about which feeders are best and how to care for them.

And, if you are interested in a little science about hummingbirds, here is a post about that. We’ll be doing more on hummingbird science as the summer continues.

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One Response to “Counting Hummingbirds”

  1. Genevieve Rohan Says:

    This hummingbird counting thing still seems elusive to me. I have two feeders. One holds 16oz, the other 12oz. I make 16 cups of nectar every 2 days. My vistors would consume 2 complete fillings of each feeder every 24 hours if I let me. I simply can’t keep up with the nectar production! My yard is filled with tons of flower/plant diversity for them as well! I questimate 150 birds! Yikes!

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