Living with Chickens

Chickens are birds, which means they are a legitimate subject for this blog. Granted, they are not wild birds but they are birds nonetheless and having some is great fun. They follow us around, talking all the time, greet us each morning when we let them out of their coop and, best of all, give us eggs.

There are; however, issues. Here is one of them:
Snake and Eggs 1

Snake and eggs for breakfast? We decided no. So our guest tried to have an egg for his breakfast.

Snake and eggs

His appetite was bigger than his unhinged mouth.

Snake and eggs

Clicking on the photos will give you larger, close up views. If you want. Some people have a prejudice against snakes.


3 Responses to “Living with Chickens”

  1. Remy Says:

    We just had a snake like this in our coop. What kind is it?

  2. Beth Parker Says:

    Eww! You took some great pictures. I would have freaked out and ran screaming!

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