Charley Harper Update

We recently devoted a post to the wonderful work of Charley Harper. You can read it — and look at some of the art — here.

This morning the CBS program Sunday Morning did a story about Charley Harper and the fashion designer Todd Oldham. If you missed the story, here is the link to the story on the CBS web site.

And, just to bring a moment of joy to your day, here is one of his cards.


Another blog, The Golden State, writing about the art of punning, borrowed — with permission — our post about Charley Harper. You can read that post here.


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3 Responses to “Charley Harper Update”

  1. bookbabie Says:

    Just saw the program, it was wonderful. I really didn’t know much about him until now:)

  2. John Schwab Says:

    A friend of mine has some signed lithographic art from Charles Harper, and was wondering how much they are worth as she wants to sell them. One is Windings, the other is Armaditto, and one of sunflowers along with a few others. Any help will be appreciated.

    Very Respectfully
    John Schwab
    319 East A Street
    Belleville, Illinois 62222
    (618) 277 – 4838

  3. Mary H Says:

    I was recently introduced to Charley’s art in Cape May, NJ. and have fallen in love with this man’s approach to the natural world. I am just sorry I have come to his art after he passed away. As a birder, I find his art captures the essence of the birds and portrays them with love and humor. His “Main Line Migration” that is on t-shirts at the Cape May Bird Observatory is beautiful as well as being done with this tongue in cheek approach.

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