Grand Canyon Ravens

Consistent readers of this blog will know that we love ravens. Smart, adaptable, clever, cute; they are survivors. Recently, in the bottom of the Grand Canyon one of us had the opportunity to watch two of them catch an early morning thermal and rise far beyond the cliffs in this photo. You can see one of them in the center of the photo. (The other one of us declined to go along on the trip, noting the absence of showers at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.) grand-canyon-raven-1-of-1.jpg

When I saw this Raven, all I thought was, “What a wonderful place to make a living.” If the Hindus and Buddhists are correct about reincarnation and we come back many many times, it would be good to spend at least one of those lifetimes as a Raven, living in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.


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One Response to “Grand Canyon Ravens”

  1. Laurie Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. What a beautiful way to make a living…. I’ll come back as a raven, too, especially there. They are so intellegent and funny! Our dog used to play with one when I was a child. It would dive bomb him, then he would try to chase it, and they would go on and on. Both would squawk and bark, carrying on, knowing somehow that they were good friends. Such a delight to watch. Gorgeous photo, yet again! Thanks!

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