Teshekpuk Lake, the Arctic and Loons

From the radio program “Living on Earth” comes this brief interview with Gerrit Vyn and recordings of loons.kanredthrustedloon.jpg

But even more interesting is Mr. Vyn’s travel blog of his travels this year to northern Alaska. Even if you don’t have time to read any of his entries, simply scan down the page and feast your eyes on the gorgeous photographs. And the not so gorgeous — the oil companies are at work up there.

We’ve added his travel blog to the blogroll even though the last entry was in July. There is a sound gallery, a video gallery and a photo gallery that are wonderful. If you suspect that you may never get to the Arctic, make yourself a cup of tea, log on to his blog and spend at least a half hour in Alaska. You’ll be warm and there will no mosquitoes to bother you which is an advantage over the real thing.

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