Harry Potter and the Birds

We are trying to get caught up here at the Fatfinch.  That includes this wonderful article from the September 16, 2007 Washington Post on birds in the movies.  Since it is about movies, a short teaser is appropriate.  Here is the first paragraph of the article, written by Audobon California’s director of conservation, Graham Chisholm:

In James Mangold‘s new blockbuster Western “3:10 to Yuma,” the first time we meet Ben Wade, played by tough-guy actor Russell Crowe, he is making a natural history sketch of a bird just minutes before carrying out yet another murderous stagecoach robbery. The scene establishes Wade not only as a complex character, but as a savvy birder who takes the time to document what is surely the first and only sighting in the United States of Africa‘s augur buzzard.

Surely you can’t resist the rest of the article.  Here is the link again. You’ll have to read the entire piece to get to Harry Potter.


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