Hawk for Breakfast

Eating breakfast outside on this fine Sunday morning our first clue that we had a visitor in the yard was the silence of the little birds.  The second was a high pitched single syllable call.  And, up there in the cottonwood, was the hawk.

Hawks are as hard to identify in the wild as spies are in a crowd.  We have a friend, born and raised on the banks of the Missouri who maintains there are only two kinds of hawks: “Sparrow Hawks” and “Chicken Hawks.”  They are distinguished only by whether they are big enough to haul off a chicken.  If they are that big, they are “Chicken Hawks.”  If not, they are “Sparrow Hawks.”  Frankly, that is much easier than true identification of hawks. hawk-for-breakfast-3.jpg

Our guest this morning is a “Sparrow Hawk” by that definition, so the chickens – and the puppy – were relaxed in its presence.  More technically, it is a juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk.

Like Romeo to Juliet, it was welcome by whatever name.  A hawk is a hawk is a hawk.


2 Responses to “Hawk for Breakfast”

  1. Larry Glover Says:

    Nice photo! What a great way to have breakfast!

  2. Sue Messner Says:

    Cool Pix but tough on the chix!!

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