Rufous Hummingbird Strategy

In our last post we suggested one way to help keep Rufous Hummingbirds from keeping all your other Hummingbirds away from your feeders.  Here is another: Have about 50 Hummingbirds feeding from one feeder.

We have friends who live in the Rocky Mountains.  We love them dearly but perhaps not as much as their annual group of Hummingbird visitors love them. This last spring, when the first Hummingbird arrived, it flew directly in front of one friend’s nose and then flew over to the place where the feeder is normally hung.  The bird did this three times.  Then they hung the feeder and it left them alone.

Here are two photos of their solution to the problem of Rufous Hummingbirds guarding feeders.  rufous-2007-one.jpgIn the first photo it is the Rufous that is staring directly at the camera. They simply have so many Hummingbirds that it is hopeless for one Rufous to keep the others away, so he gives up and just joins in, which you can see in the second photo.

The chief Bird Brain Blogger is away for the weekend.  We’ll be back early next week.


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