Audubon’s Grave

We have a neighbor – and good friend – who reads eclectically and who sometimes passes on a book she read. This week came an odd book entitled Where Are They Buried? How Did They Die? by Tod Benoit. The book contains very brief biographies of all sorts of people, then gives information about their deaths and where they are buried. It even gives directions to the grave sites. We looked up John J. Audubon. case7audubon1826.jpgAudubon is buried at Trinity Church Cemetery in Manhattan. The cemetery is on the Upper West Side, close to the Hudson river and has two separate sections. Audubon’s grave is in the section bounded by 153rd and 155th streets and Broadway and Amsterdam Avenues. If you enter through the gate on 155th street that spire directly in front of you is Audubon’s grave site. If you go, let us know. When we are in Manhattan we tend to do things that are more . . . .lively.

This painting shows Audubon with a gun. That is because he shot almost anything that moved so he could draw it. If you’ve ever tried to identify a Warbler, you understand. I’m guessing that the wild look in his eyes in this painting is because he has been trying to identify some obscure Warbler that is moving at 500 mph in dense foliage.

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