Bird Farming in the U.K.

lapwing470_470x300.jpgThe Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has a news story on its web page about Lower Farm, Narborough. Lower Farm’s current priority is nesting and feeding sites for Lapwings. The RSPB just gave the farm an award for its efforts to protect Lapwings. The story lauds the Farm’s manager and owners for their conservation efforts. It is; however, short on economic details. For instance, there is no mention made of any subsidy to the farm in return for productive land taken out of economic use. Nor is there explanation for how the owner of the farm can afford the project.

Nonetheless, bird farming is catching on!

The photo of the Lapwing on the wing was taken by George Nisbet who sent it to the BBC.

Speaking of the BBC, The RSPB also has a news story about a “major new TV series” which will air in Great Britain on the BBC. Regional birding shows, hosted by British celebrities, will air in conjunction with the BBC series “Saving Planet Earth.” We’ll keep track and let you know if any of the programs will air in the U.S.


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