the real finch

man this is hard work. humans have fingers so they don’t have to hunt and peck. me, i have to hunt and peck and let me tell you the only way to capitalize is for me to twist my neck all around, hit the caps lock thingy, hit the letter i want and then twist again to hit that caps lock thingy again. so, unless its really important i’m not going to using anything on the keyboard that requires capitalization. get used to it.  and there is a grackle who also sneaks in and uses the computer.  he’s really noisy and nosy too.

you’ve probably never read anything by a bird before. people think bird brains are just little tiny finger-nail size things but boy are you wrong. how do you think we migrate for thousands and thousands of miles every year and always end up exactly where we wanted. we can’t carry maps with us you know. we have to keep all our knowledge inside our heads. no laptops or books for us. [of course, being a finch, i don’t have to migrate much so i can sneak in houses in the winter and use people’s computers when they aren’t watching.] [i use brackets instead of parenthesis because that way i don’t have to use the capitalization thingy] but anyway, we birds are a lot smarter than you think and you should stay tuned to this blog and you’ll learn a lot about us.

but be warned. there are human beings who writing stuff here. they’re pretty good — for humans — and you can trust them to tell you all they know. but i’ll keep my eyes on her and if they say something wrong or stupid or just crazy, i’ll log on when they aren’t looking and correct it.

and i am not fat! [i just had to use the caps lock thingy for that exclamation point, but it was worth it] I am not fat. . . .


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